Pure Blue
Pure Blue is a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting the polluted ocean and the sea animals that threatened by the pollutants.
Pure Blue is a non-profit organization that devoted to protecting the ocean and the animals that expose to the marine environmental thread.
The Pure Blue Marian conservation team will form a volunteer group and send out on a mission of collecting ocean wastes. Volunteers will bring back all the recyclable wastes for the usage of creating art objects. Meanwhile, these artworks will be featured at an open auction. All the funds will be dedicated to educating people the importantness of protecting our ocean.
Designing the logo with positive and negative space.
From cold to warm, deep down in the ocean to the surface and pure to polluted. Blue represents the cleanness of the ocean and pink represents the pollution.  

Platic Kills; ECO Goods Don’t.
Ocean Should Be Blue; Ocean Shouldn’t Be Pink.
Purifying The Ocean; Bring Back The Blue.

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