visual; interaction design &
fine art printmaking


branding; interaction

Fourth Wall is a mobile application which improves the experience of ticketing system for independent, high-demanding and hard to find musicals and plays. 

type design; interaction; motion graphic

+Jurisdiction(CR-TETRAD) is a project which involves Type Design, Motion Graphic & Interactive Design. The purpose of this project is to reappropriate the language of cultural revolution (specifically the big character poster) to show that it can be used for its original democratic purpose as well as for Communist propaganda.

motion graphic

Stationery Infinity is a Cinema 4D Motion piece dedicated to my passion for collecting ephemerals.

AR; interaction

-ment. is an AR mobile application that can be linked to your smartwatch. The primary feature is to find out time-related events or activities around you.

creative coding; interaction

Processing Study is a collection of interactive processing project created for showcasing the usage the shape, color, and space.


Pure Blue is a non-profit organization identity branding project. The principal goal is to elevate the awareness of marine conservation.


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